Crytica Security, Inc. Reduces APT, Zero-Day, and Malware Dwell Time to Less Than 180 Seconds

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Malware “dwell time” has, historically, averaged more than 180 Days.* These Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) reside and proliferate undetected and unchecked, until they strike. Today, Crytica Security is launching technologies that can detect APT, Zero-Day, and other Malware infections in less than 180 Seconds.

RENO, Nev.June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Crytica Security, Inc., a stealthy cybersecurity start-up launched by industry veterans from Bell Labs, Apple, and HP today introduced the world’s fastest and most reliable “Zero-Day Detection” solution.2 The initial release supports Linux and Windows® environments, in the cloud or on-premise, running on physical and/or virtual devices.

Crytica Security’s “Zero-Day Detection” System has been created and designed to significantly reduce Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), including Zero-Day, and Malware dwell time. It empowers Linux and Windows® with Zero-Day Detection capability (e.g., Zero-Day Infections are now met with Zero-Day Detection). Crytica is lightning-fast, sending timely detection notifications to existing cybersecurity tools and security executives for effective remediation. Architected to integrate seamlessly into MSSP, OEM, and Threat Intelligence security stacks, Crytica’s extremely resilient Persistent Detection is redefining defense-in-depth across the cybersecurity landscape. With a minimal footprint and negligible resource consumption, Crytica’s detection is also ideal for IoT and OT devices and system manufacturers.

By reducing APT, Zero-Day, and Malware dwell time from an average of over 180 days down to less than 180 seconds, Crytica’s Zero-Day Detection substantially limits malware attacks from gathering system intelligence and from propagating itself into other systems. The result is a dramatic increase in both network and endpoint protection and resiliency, helping to thwart today’s sophisticated and destructive cyber threats.

“We are focused on reducing attacker dwell time from over 180 days down to under 180 seconds. At this detection speed, the benefits for cyber defense can be staggering. When it comes to Zero-Day detection and APT’s, many people appear to ignore dwell time,” states Dr. C. Kerry Nemovicher, Founder and CEO of Crytica Security, Inc. “Our approach is a unique, secure, and flexible architecture that works in any Linux or Windows® environment, on-premise and in the cloud. Our solution is also designed for future extensibility to enhance the embedded security posture of most IoT devices and system endpoints.”

The Crytica Security solution can scan hundreds of thousands of files on a device in mere minutes (with unprecedented malware scan speeds). It does so while consuming only minimal resources and without disrupting normal device or server operations. Crytica does not rely on historical data, previously identified malware, or behavioral patterns. Instead, it is optimized to detect previously unknown, zero-day infections. Crytica’s very low resource consumption enables it to run continuously in the background as the “ever-present guardian” in any cybersecurity stack. This “persistent detection” capability significantly reduces the detection time of an infection, enhances timely threat data collection, and speeds up existing cybersystems’ threat containment and remediation capabilities.

“What small, medium, and even enterprise businesses around the globe forget is that malware arrives and resides on the network for long periods before it begins to attack. Rapid detection that reduces dwell time has been the missing piece of malware defense,” says former Apple executive and Crytica Security, Inc. Executive Chairman, C. Lloyd Mahaffey“The detection speed of Crytica Security’s Zero-Day Detection during persistent, runtime deployment across the network delivers enhanced resiliency as part of today’s advanced Zero Trust security stack. This is a very welcome antidote to the extensive vulnerability and exposure caused by the lengthy dwell time of infection. In turn, security teams can respond much more quickly with their existing tools to threats lurking below the threat surface.”

About Crytica Security

Crytica Security creates technology and solutions that secure people, companies, and systems with the world’s fastest and most reliable Zero-Day Detection. In a world infested with ever more destructive malware, our mission is simple:

If you can’t detect, you can’t protect.

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IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2021 – average attacker dwell time is 212 days.
Crytica Security internal zero-day attack speed and reliability validation testing, 2022

Crytica Security creates technology and solutions that secure people, companies, and systems with the world’s fastest and most reliable Zero-Day Detection™. In a world infested with ever more destructive malware, our mission is simple: If you can’t detect, you can’t protect.™

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