That's the Crytica Difference

Zero-Day Detection™ is specifically architected to detect any unauthorized changes to how a system operates. The detection engine is efficient enough and resource negligible enough to continuously and repeatedly scan an entire system, without negatively impacting host system performance, providing, within seconds, rapid electronic notifications, for all detected alerts.

The Crytica Probe is the only Crytica component to reside on a protected device. Its size is measured in kilobytes, not megabytes and not gigabytes, and it is so efficient that it is not a system resource burden. Therefore, it can scan continuously, protecting systems when they are most vulnerable, and not, as less efficient cybersecurity systems must do, during downtime or “slow time”.

The Crytica Notification Engine sends customized alarms to existing cybersecurity systems (via APIs) and to security personnel (via the notification media of choice).

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